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My name is Armin, I'm a Full Stack Developer located in Tehran.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any kind of inquiry or business ideas.

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Armin Abbasi


Laravel Excel Export Package

Create excel exports from any data structure real quick!

Parenting Plan - Online Consultant App

A real-time chatting web app specially designed for phsycologist consultants.
With features such as add/remove users,remove messages instantly and etc.
Created using NodeJS(Express, Socket.io), Laravel 5.4 and jQuery

Laravel 5 File Manager Package

A file manager package with a lot of useful features like creating directories
or uploading files, and etc. this package is fully customizable.

Buono - Online Food Recipe

Offers an online food recipe database , search for recipes based on name
or ingredients, I used Laravel framework + AngularJs to get the job done.

ExpressionEngine Jalali Calendar

This add-on converts EE's regular Gregorian calendar into a clean Jalali calendar.

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